Healthcare communications requires a 360 degree awareness of social factors in medicine, rather than a simple focus on the drug, hospital or early stage innovation. 


We focus on the needs of our clients, patients, government regulators and general public to understand innovation within the  context of current realities and challenges.


 We help multi-billion dollar companies find new markets, partners and patients by bridging various constituencies.  While biotech companies may have the potential to impact positively the lives of millions, telling the story to lay people and investors may be beyond the capabilities of a medical expert. 


We are skilled story tellers taking complex messages and translating them to a general audience so that each person finds the information that they require to make an informed decision. 


We have particular deep expertise in women's health, chronic diseases, neurology, research and supporting non-profit healthcare foundations.


The only constant in life is change especially in the financial sector.  The rise of Chinese epayment companies like WeChat Pay, Alipay and Baidu Wallet, as well as PayPal, Apple Pay and other bank payment cards shows how far we have come from just ten years ago. 


The sector is thriving and opportunities abound.  We are helping companies in the United States access the Chinese payments market through road shows, events, introductions and partnership agreements. 


In the United States we host conferences and organize IPOs on Nasdaq and NYSE.  Depending on strategic objectives, we devise corporate communication strategies and programs that enable our clients to be outstanding in this growing field.


Given major innovations in fintech, femtech and fashiontech, finding new ways to stand out with your technology means telling stories about customer satisfaction, news ways to do business and paradigm shifts in how information, health and beauty are delivered. 


Our client focus and storytelling abilities allow our clients to reach new audiences, attract media attention and find investors willing to support growth and expansion. 


Rather than getting bogged down with technical jargon, we focus on explaining innovation in terms of the solutions for customers.  Through social media, meetings, award ceremonies, special events and media relations we help our clients stand out and shine.


Heinlyn has special expertise in NEVs (new energy vehicles) and we support innovation in China and the United States as a cornerstone of necessary environmental paradigm changes. 


For example, one of our clients is a leading State-Owned Enterprise in China that is changing the country from coal to new energy through building trains, electric vehicles and clean disposal centers to deal with waste. 


In the United States, we work with clean energy companies that are replacing petrol based fuel with solar energy. 


Communicating new technologies and finding new markets for products is our passion and we welcome companies in these areas to benefit from our connections and expertise. 


We design seamless, integrated event solutions which are distinguished by the elegance and enjoyment that builds enthusiasm and commitment.


Our unique team of experts from China and the US insure a global environment that builds long term relationships and helps to achieve bottom line objectives.


Heinlyn incorporates comprehensive services to allow government agencies and global companies to communicate effectively and meet valuable partners.


We have received and organized business visits for numerous Chinese governments to the U.S such as Guizhou, Shanxi, Shandong Provincial Government and Chengdu Municipal Government.


Working as a partner to the China-US Chamber of Commerce and the China-US Women's Foundation allows Heinlyn to enjoy unique access to philanthropists, government officials, advocates and executives in a variety of fields. 


Depending on objectives we arrange events, media tours, roadshows and fund raising activities to develop meaningful relations and help our clients achieve their objectives. 


We are passionate about health and family support and work with the United Nations and public-private partnerships to advocate for positive change.